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  I wrote this novella for all the girls

  who have a mad girl crush on Izzy Gallo.

  Be fierce; grab life by the balls

  and follow your dreams!

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  Published: Chelle Bliss October 20th 2014:

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  I’m a simple woman. I grew up in a house with four brothers and loving parents who have remained married even after more than thirty years together. They showered us with love and affection. I’m the youngest of their children.

  I have four very annoying older brothers. They’re overprotective, and even though I’m adult, that’s never changed. They chased every man I ever liked (fuck the L-word) away as they screamed bloody murder and ran for their lives. Some would call the Gallo men alphas, but not me. I call them pains in my ass.

  They helped mold me into the woman I am today. I don’t take shit from anyone. I know how to throw an amazing right hook, just the right angle to knee a guy in the balls so he’ll never have children, and how to keep my mouth shut.

  A couple years ago, we opened a tattoo shop together. We simply named it Inked. Our family has money, but we were raised to not sit on our asses like spoiled brats. We get up each day and go to work. It’s our goal to stand on our own two feet. So far, we’ve been successful. Even though we fight like cats and dogs, we love each other fiercely and are very careful whom we let into our little Gallo Family Club.

  Thomas, my eldest brother and an undercover DEA agent, is the only one who doesn’t work in the shop. He’s a silent partner, and we pray that, one day, he’ll get sick of his undercover work and settle down. He’s been working inside the Sun Devils MC for some time. Moving up the ranks, he’s made his mark and is on the verge of bringing the entire club to its knees.

  Joe is one badass motherfucker. He’s kinda my favorite, but I’ll never tell him that. Shit, I’m not stupid. He’s an amazing artist and tattooist, and will be an amazing father. A while back, he rescued a little hot blond named Suzy. She’s sweet as pie and used to be innocent. His badass biker ways ruined her, but naturally, I rubbed off on her, too. Some of his friends call him City because he was born in Chicago. The name fits him, but he’ll always still be my Joey.

  Mike is our shop’s piercer, and he’s built like a brick shithouse. He trained for years to be an MMA fighter. He was moving up the ranks and making a name for himself. That was until he literally knocked the woman of his dreams on her ass. He traded in his fighting days to help the love of his life, Mia, with her medical clinic. I’d almost say that he lost his balls somewhere along the way, but that would just be my jaded, fucked-up perception of love talking.

  Anthony. What can I say about him? He’s my partner in crime most of the time. He and I are the single ones out of the group. Thomas doesn’t count, because we never know anything about his life. Anthony wants to be a rock god. He wants ladies falling at his feet, professing their love, and freely offering their pussies to him with no strings attached. It makes me laugh, because honestly, he’s already arrived if those are his criteria. He’s stunning. One day, someone is going to steal him from me and I’ll end up being a lonely ol’ biddy.

  Then there’s me—youngest child who still uses the word daddy. I’m not talking about some sick fuckin’ fetish shit either. I melt into a puddle of goo when my father’s around. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I don’t think that’ll ever change.

  I live by no one’s rules—well, maybe my daddy’s at times—and I try to cram as much fun as I possibly can in my one shot at this life. I don’t make apologies for my behavior. I shoot straight and tell it like it is. I never want to be tied down. Fuck convention. I don’t need a husband to complete me a la Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.

  Men are only good for a few things. One—they’re handy when you have a flat tire or some other thing that requires heavy lifting. Two—their cocks are beautiful. Three—did I mention cock? Four—fucking. Wait… that’s still cock-related.

  I take it back. They’re only good for two things in life: lifting heavy shit and fucking. Walks of shame are for pansy asses. I proudly leave them hanging, walking out the door, and I make no apologies for it. I’m not looking for a prince charming or knight in shining armor. I want to be fucked and then left the hell alone.

  That is where my life was headed. I was blissfully happy and unencumbered. Life was grand—one big fucking party and I was the guest of honor.

  Ever have a man walk into your life and alter your entire universe?

  I’m not talking about the small shit. I’m talking about the “big fuckin’ bang.” You’re minding your own business, enjoying yourself, and then WHAM. Everything you think is right suddenly spins on its axis and bitch-slaps you in the face.

  The party came to a screeching halt the night of my brother’s wedding.

  He changed everything. He fucked it all up.

  World altered. Party over.

  James Caldo became something bigger.

  I couldn’t resist him.

  Chapter 1

  “Everyone’s ass better be at my house tomorrow at two,” Joe said as he finished cleaning his station.

  “Yeah, yeah.” Anthony kicked back and sipped a beer.

  “Don’t give me that shit. Be there on time.”

  “Is Suzy cooking?” Mike emptied the trashcan, not turning around to look at Joe as he waited for an answer.

  “Fuck no,” Joe said, breaking out into laughter.

  We all knew that Suzy couldn’t cook. God love her, and Lord knows she’d tried, but it wasn’t in her DNA.

  “Thank fuck,” I huffed out, walking to the backroom to grab a cold one.

  “Dude, someday you have to teach her to cook,” Mike said, shaking his head.

  “Fuck that. She doesn’t need to learn how to cook. It’s not why I love her.”

  “We all fucking know that,” Anthony said, rolling his eyes as he rolled the beer bottle between his hands.

  “Shut your fucking mouth. You’re talking about my fiancée.”

  “Uh huh,” Anthony muttered, wiping the drops of beer from his mouth.

  Moments like this I loved. Sitting around, shooting the shit, and just laughing made me happy. I loved my brothers and their women, but I liked having them all to myself.

  “I couldn’t give a shit